no copies is the alias for a London based creative Darius Serksnas operating in the field of digital. Namely but not exclusively: user experience, interface design and art direction.

This is a short story about the past, the present and the foreseeable future turns of my professional path. For full creds, please check LinkedIn. A more conventional portfolio is available for download here.



No sleep SS16 – shot by Imantas Selenis

No sleep is a small fashion label that just came out with their second collection. I’ve teamed up with a good friend and creative partner Paul Witherden to craft the digital experience these guys deserve. Check it out –

No sleepers craft monochrome apparel with neat hidden details. It’s unisex and comfort of movement is key for them. They believe one should maintain style no matter the setting: woods, nightclub or office. I stand for the same values when it comes to fashion and it’s an honour to help out a startup from my hometown.

RECENT homepage interactions

This winter I joined a team within Head. Our job was to progressively enhance the Electrolux website for it to become more understandable to it’s audience. Agile was the name of the game. Design wasn’t the deliverable, code was.

It was a great learning experience especially in terms of working patterns. Developing a close knit relationship with people who deliver the code was of essence more than ever before. We learned loads in user validation sessions and that gave our output the proper logical backing (as opposed to the common “we think this works because..”). On top of that we clocked thousands of airmiles to collaborate with fellow swedes and got to stay in some pretty swish Stockholm hotels.  


Some of the screen designs we delivered

From the end of 2014 to late 2015 I made quite a few trips to Mumbai. Dare was paying my fare to be on the team working on something big and exciting happening in India. We were helping Reliance shape the approach as well as the look and feel of a nationwide 4G network (called Jio) roll-out. We put together the .com, digital brand guidelines and set a precedent for the envisaged native app ecosystem.

This was probably the most intense experience in my life. And a very exciting one. Rarely you get the honour and the challenge to shape something of this magnitude. Something that is aimed at a population of 1.2bn and is a new and entirely digital brand. My role was instrumental in everyday delivery and contribution to user experience, visual manifestation and documentation of a large scale brand site, ecommerce, user dashboard as well as the first app that was to roll out in the initial stage. Everyday felt like a pitch. India never seized to amaze and luckily we never lost the sense of humour.


Café interior and shopfront sticker sheet featuring logotypes
created for the architecture and coffee outlets 

In 2013 a good friend of mine founded an architecture practice. I helped out with his identity as well as the website. A year later he got a lease on a shop and some months of intense labour later we launched an establishment combining a coffee shop and a creative studio producing architectural and graphic design. It’s called The Common. And it’s less than a mile away from my studio in East London. 

This project involved many things from the basics of designing some business cards to stripping the plaster off the brick walls. It’s a real place with real people working away every day, creating things and of course having loads of coffee. 


Touch table designs for Canon at Photokina

In 2014 Imagination approached me to work on the digital activations for the Canon stand at Photokina. There were registration tablets, apps for roaming photographers, souvenir website and 56 inch touch tables where people could assemble their ultimate photographer kits.

The touch table was the most exciting interactive piece I put together. I worked closely with interaction designer Jessica Chang to map out user journeys and pull together a coherent user experience. Another notable thing is that it was the moment in time Canon was rolling out their new brand identity. Things I created for this project shaped their new digital look and feel.


Mead bottle prototype

I love getting involved in projects outside digital. Creating something real, something tangible. This time we’re brewing mead.  

It all started last year in a small apartment in the West End. My friend’s just finished brewing some mead and we got together to taste it. We ended up exploring the possibility of sacking off our day jobs and get into brewing.

Mead is probably the oldest alcoholic beverage and has played an important role in the beliefs and mythology of some peoples. Especially in the Baltics where it’s still alive in people’s hearts but not that much on the supermarket shelves. So we decided to change that and bring this ancient drink back into the spotlight. And yes, of course it’s craft, organic and fairtrade.